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Hole Descriptions
Hole #19 - 356 Yd. Par 4
Don't go right. Even if you stay out of the woods, the overhanging trees can knock down your second shot.
Hole #20 - 340 Yd. Par 4
You don't have to cut the corner, drive straight-out and let the lay of the fairway turn your ball towards the surface-hidden green. If your second shot lands just short of the green, you could end up long. Go for the center of the green.
Hole #21 - 281 Yd Par 4
The fairway slopes steeply left to right so keep your drive to the left center of the fairway in order to set up a good look at this small green.
Hole #22 - 225 Yd Par 4
Short but easy, not necessarily. 170 to 180 yds off the tee will give you an open shot into the green. Anything more or less can leave you shooting 3 from off the green.
Hole #23 - 171 Yd. Par 3
Picturesque downhill par 3 with a large bunker guarding the front and small bunker to the right of the green. Two large flower mounds provide the backdrop.
Hole #24 - 328 Yd. Par 4
Fairway slopes right to left which leads to a severely sloping right to left green. Either shoot for the pin or land your ball on the front right and let your ball roll downhill to the pin.
Hole #25 - 374 Yd. Par 4
Rolling par 4 which is fairly wide open; however, don't get behind the single tree just off the right side of fairway or in the pine tree line to the left. You should be happy if you are lucky enough to walk away with a par.
Hole #26 - 150 Yd. Par 3
Up hill and seems like always into the wind. Take an extra club and avoid the bunkers on the right and left side of the green.
Hole #27 - 523 Yd. Par 5
Gentle dogleg right that has plenty of trees to deal with if you loose it to the right. This hole finishes on the largest green at Great Trail and challenges golfers of all calibers.

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